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Endodontists specialize in saving your natural teeth when they’re infected or injured due to trauma. Dr. Rares Deca, Dr. Beatrice Deca's husband is an expert at performing endodontic procedures such as root canals that restore your teeth and relieve your pain. If you have tooth pain, swelling, or dental trauma, don’t hesitate to call her office, Deca Dentistry in Gresham, Oregon, for emergency treatment. You can also schedule an appointment online for an endodontic consultation.

Endodontist Q & A

What is endodontics?

Endodontics refers to dental care that focuses on problems inside your teeth. An endodontist often treats infections in the pulp that can result in tooth extraction because their top goal is protecting and saving your natural teeth.

The pulp is the soft tissue in small, canal-like areas inside your teeth. The canal begins in the root and travels to the center of the tooth. The pulp contains blood vessels and nerves that serve the tooth and connect to a larger network of nerves.

Your mouth has such a comprehensive network of nerves that pain in one tooth may be felt in another part of the mouth, or even in your head, neck, or ear. Endodontists are trained to find the underlying cause of your pain and provide appropriate treatment.

What types of procedures are performed by an endodontist?

Dr. Deca performs endodontic procedures with two goals in mind: relieving your pain and preserving your natural tooth. Endodontic care includes:

  • Treating trauma (broken, a knocked-out tooth, chipped teeth)
  • Treating infections
  • Performing root canals
  • Performing surgeries related to the inside of a tooth
  • Treating damaged root surfaces
  • Treating bone surrounding the damaged tooth

What is a root canal?

When decay or damage weaken tooth enamel, bacteria get into the pulp and cause an infection that’s essentially trapped inside the tooth. Endodontists treat that type of infection with a root canal because it’s the only way to clean every trace of infection from your tooth completely.

Dr. Deca uses specially designed dental tools to go through the enamel to the pulp. After all the infected soft tissue is removed, the canal that held the soft tissue is thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and filled with a rubbery material that supports the tooth.

If your tooth has been cracked or broken, a crown is used to restore its natural strength and appearance. But if the exterior enamel is intact and healthy, merely filling the tiny opening created in the enamel may be all you need to finish the procedure.

Root canals suffer from a reputation that says they’re painful procedures. With today’s dental techniques, you don’t need to worry about pain. Dr. Deca ensures you’re properly anesthetized and uses advanced tools specially designed to clean inside the tooth quickly and efficiently.

What is endodontic retreatment?

In rare cases, prior treatment fails to heal the problem or relieve the pain. A second endodontic retreatment can be performed to restore and save your natural tooth. Retreated teeth can continue to function for many years.