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Same Day Crowns Specialist

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In the past, you might have had to wait for weeks for a dental crown, sometimes even months. Today, that’s not the case. Dr. Beatrice Deca and her team at Deca Dentistry in Gresham, Oregon, offer same-day crowns during just one visit. The staff understands you lead a hectic life, and getting a procedure in one day is ideal. Call Deca Dentistry today, or schedule an appointment online to find out if same-day crowns are right for you.

Same Day Crowns Q & A

What are same-day crowns?

A crown is a cap placed over your natural tooth to strengthen it or protect it from decay. Same-day crowns have revolutionized dental restoration. Rather than having your procedure spread out over weeks over multiple appointments like a traditional crown, the 3Shape TRIOS® scanner and VHF Z4 milling machine allow Dr. Deca to create tooth-colored crowns in-office, the same day as your initial visit.

How do same-day crowns and traditional crowns differ?

Unlike traditional crowns, same-day crowns don't involve uncomfortable manual impressions. Instead, the 3Shape TRIOS scanner takes digital impressions of your teeth. 


Furthermore, you don’t have to wear a temporary crown while you wait weeks for a lab to create your permanent crown. Not only do same-day crowns save you time, but they’re also comparable in price to traditional crowns produced in a lab.

What should I expect during same-day crown placement?

When you arrive at Deca Dentistry for same-day crown placement, Dr. Deca examines your teeth and gums and reviews the results of your dental X-rays. The team cleans your tooth, removes any tooth decay and bacteria, digitally scans your tooth, and creates a custom-fit crown right in the office. 


When it’s ready, Dr. Deca securely bonds the new crown to your tooth to restore it. You can resume a normal routine after the procedure. 

How should I care for a same-day crown?

Take good care of your same-day crown to keep it from breaking. Brush your teeth twice daily with fluoride toothpaste, floss daily, avoid chewing on hard objects, and see the Deca Dentistry team every six months for dental exams and routine cleanings. Call the dental office if your crown gets loose or damaged.

Are same-day crowns right for me?

Same-day crowns offer numerous benefits, but they aren’t right for everyone. If you need to replace a tooth in the front of your mouth or you grind your teeth, Dr. Deca might recommend going the traditional route with a lab-made crown. 


Same-day crowns offer high-quality dental restoration at an affordable price. Using innovative technology, the team at Deca Dentistry quickly completes each procedure, allowing you to resume your day right after the procedure. Schedule an appointment by phone or book online today.